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FNHA Air Purifier Support – 2021 Wildfire Season

Posted on: July 20, 2021

FNHA has identified TteS as a First Nations community that qualifies for the FNHA Air Purifier Support Program.
Due to limited quantities, priority and distribution of the purifiers will be based on the following FNHA eligibility:

  • must be a TteS member living on-reserve
  • live in a home without a ventilation system that can recirculate air
  • have limited transportation / mobility and are unable to access a community clean air shelter
  • have asthma
  • are pregnant and/or live with babies or young children
  • have heart disease or diabetes
  • have respiratory symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or a positive COVID-19 test, or are a close contact of someone with a positive COVID test

Currently we are generating a list of names of TteS members who are interested in this program. Please note that eligible members will only receive one air purifier per home.

To put your name onto the waitlist, please contact:

Alysha Sigsworth, TteS Reception
(250) 828-9810