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Committed to maximizing safe, affordable, quality homes for TteS Members.


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Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc (TteS) Housing Department is committed to maximizing safe, affordable, quality homes for TteS Members. The Housing Department is a not-for-profit department within the organization, with the purpose to create a self-sustaining housing program. This allows for the organization and membership to build, buy, rent, and repair homes according to community needs and priorities. Members can access housing related essentials through various internal/external funding programs and rental accommodation. TteS will encourage independent building, maintenance and homeownership.


Rental opportunities exclusive to TteS members

Fillable TteS Tenant Application

On Reserve HomeOwners

TteS provides some limited assistance to Homeowners.

Contact  TteS Housing CoordinatorTteS Renovations Coordinator

Building a Home

Interested in building a home on reserve?

Book an appointment with the TteS Housing Coordinator

Tyee Park Elder Units

Tyee Park Rental Units


Thank you for your interest in becoming a tenant! TteS offers rental opportunities to TteS members only.  We have 60+ units that offer Ttes single-family, TteS elders and low-income members a home.  These homes range from affordable, and accessible, depending on your source of income and need for additional support services.


How to pay for your rent?

For our TteS members’ convenience there are various methods of payment:

  1. Deductions: TteS employees or contractors can request TteS payroll to allocate a percentage towards rent/arrears. Ensure you follow up with the Payroll Department.
  2. Debit/Cash: Please go to the Accounts Receivable Department to complete the payment.
  3. Pre-authorized payments: Please go to the Accounts Receivable Department to complete the payment. Ensure you have the right date to avoid any fees.
  4. Online Payments
    1. Open your banking app or website and login
    2. Select “pay bill”
    3. Select “add payee” Search ”Kamloops Indian Band GENERAL” or “Kamloops Indian Band PHASE 14-20”
    4. Add payee account number

Check your Financial Statement for your account number or contact TteS Finance Department

What available units do you have?

Units vary from 1-bedroom to 3 bed-room units. We have around 60+ units that offer TteS members a home. 

How do I apply to a unit?

Fill out an application form and provide it to the Housing Tenant Relations Officer. Ensure your application is updated annually. Only complete and up-to-date applications will be considered for TteS administered homes.

Are utilities included in rent?

All utilities are paid by the tenant. The utilities would need to be under the tenant’s name. If a tenant is under Income Assistance, please follow up with Community Services to ensure your utilities are paid on time, as well as rent.

Are appliances included?

Each unit has a stove, fridge, and laundry.

Is Tenant Insurance provided?

 No, but it is recommended that a tenant gets content insurance to protect their possessions.

Am I guaranteed a unit now that I am on the waiting list?

No. TteS Housing Department will maintain and up-to-date waiting list of eligible applicants for the rental units, when there is an availability we will proceed with the selection process. Only complete and up-to-date applications will be considered for TteS administered homes. Eligibility Criteria can be found on the Housing Policy section 3.2.2 Eligibility Requirements.


Owning a home means certain financial obligations for maintenance and upkeep, these costs are the sole responsibility of the Homeowner. TteS provides some limited assistance to Homeowners as set out in this section. The Housing Manager will strictly enforce the approved budgets and amounts allotted for each Privately-Owned Home in a fair, transparent, and equitable manner.

Subject to available funds and annual approval of by Council, TteS will provide a subsidy to Homeowners for annual repairs and maintenance for Privately-Owned Homes. This subsidy is only available for the primary residence of a Member.

If you seek reimbursement for home repair or maintenance related expenses, please provide your paid receipts to the Housing Coordinator or Renovations Coordinator for them to review your request.


Other TteS On Reserve Homeowner Services

TteS Homeowner Renovations

The Housing Department can assist and submit applications with various external renovation funding programs (i.e. CMHC, ISC, guaranteed renovations loans, etc.).

All external funding requests for renovations are determined by certain eligibility requirements. Applicants must meet these requirements in order to be eligible.

If interested, please email the TteS Renovations Coordinator

Separately from TteS, a homeowner can also apply to a loan individually for renovations. (i.e., line of credit, on reserve lender to refinance your home, etc.)

TteS Homeowner Insurance

TteS Homeowners are eligible to reimbursement up to a maximum of $1,284 per annum for their home insurance. Customize your insurance for your home needs (i.e., content insurance) based on the true value of your home. Submit policies and receipts to the TteS Housing Coordinator.


  1. Must be a TteS Band Member (Homeowner)
  2. Home must be on the reserve
  3. Must be bandmember’s primary residence

*Ttes Group Insurance: Only covered for structural insurance. With NO additional options available.


*Requests are only applicable to TteS tenants and on-reserve homeowners only*

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.


During Business Hours

All maintenance requests via email will be received during TteS standard business hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm PST.

If your maintenance request is an EMERGENCY, please call us immediately at 1-250-828-9719 and do not email.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Outside of Business Hours/On Holidays

If you have a maintenance emergency that occurs outside of office hours (Mon- Fri, 8am-4:00pm) please contact our TteS Housing Manager at (236) 597-9267. Important to note that requests will only be addressed if they are classified as Emergency and not during business hours. Any requests submitted outside of business hours directly to maintenance or staff via email or phone extension will not be received until the following business day.

If your request is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency contact number immediately.

Maintenance emergencies include:

  • no heat
  • no water
  • plumbing leaks
  • flooding issues
  • broken windows or doors due to break-in
  • electrical issues, or a
  • fire


Contact TteS Housing Department

Tel: 250-828-9719     Fax: 250-828-9737


If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.