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Indigenous Housing Society Yuceminem Ne Tsetsitcws-Kucw Society (Caretakers of Our Houses)

Indigenous Housing Society Yuceminem Ne Tsetsitcws-Kucw Society (Caretakers of Our Houses)

Yucwemínem ne Tsetsítcws-kucw Society (also referred to as “the YneT Society”) is a not-for-profit organization mandated to lead the development and management of non-profit housing for the Tk’emlúpsemc and raise the standard of housing for the community. The organization is mandated to build on strong cultural practices and traditions of the Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc.

The YneT Society is currently developing their strategic plan to identify their deliverables for housing in the next five years.

The members of the YneT Society will be the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Council, and the Board of Directors shall be appointed by Council.

According to the Society’s Constitution, the purpose of the Society include:

  • to increase housing opportunities for members of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc;
  • to fund, develop, own and manage housing for members of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc;
  • to provide quality and affordable housing options to low- and moderate- income members of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc designed to respond to the variety of housing needs of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc;
  • to promote or undertake housing renovation and rehabilitation projects to improve the quality of housing for members of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc;

Board of Directors

Term lengths for the Board of Directors is for 3 years. The Board of Directors will receive overall direction from Council and will be responsible for operation of the YneT Society. The Board will be a policy board and will provide input in areas such as governing structure, finance, human resources, tenant relations, operations and maintenance, housing development, and infrastructure.

If you are interested in becoming a Director, please contact TteS Housing Department.

Marie Baptiste

Marie Baptiste was on the TteS Housing Committee from 1975 to November2018. Upon Election to Chief and Council in November 2018 Marie was provided with the Housing and Education Portfolios. In November 2021 Marie was again elected to Chief and Council and was provided with the Housing, Planning & Engineering and Community Services Portfolios.

James Gudjonson

James Gudjonson is an ESG/Sustainability leader. James is currently the Manager, Sustainability Innovation for British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). He brings to YneT his experience at BCLC which includes designing and building related infrastructure that focuses on sustainability and energy conservation.

Diane Sugars
Secretary – Treasurer

Diane Sugars, MBA, throughout her career, has managed several housing projects in the Metro Vancouver region. She has expertise in the development of policy, the creation/management of budgets, the identification of staff training needs, and more. Diane has provided senior leadership for organizations that operate shelters, transitional housing (e.g. Aboriginal Mother Centre), youth safe housing, second stage housing, and long term housing. She also helped develop and promote a unique project called the “empty house” program.

Joan Paul

A member from Tk̓emlúps, Joan has worked with the TteS Finance Department for the past five years. She loves to see the growth on the business aspect and to see membership benefit from this. It is truly great to work for the community and see what can be built for the generations to come. In Friendship.

Diena Jules

Diena Jules, member of Tk’emlups te Secwepemc, has the traditional names Sundance Pipe Woman, Yellow Flower Woman, and Black Wolf Woman. She attended Kamloops Indian Residential School for 5 years as a day scholar. She has a B.Ed. and MBA from UBC and taught at Skelep School of Excellence. With various leadership roles, she now manages the Language and Culture Department, sharing her wealth of Traditional Knowledge Keeper with YNET.





Bylaws for YneT Society



Yucweminem ne Tsetsitcws-Kucw Society – September 21, 2021 Election – 1st Directors were Chief & Council members.