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Tk’emlups Day Scholars

Tk’emlups Day Scholars

TteS Day Scholar Initiative strategic plans are to ensure that we obtain justice, compensation but importantly Healing for our survivors, descendants and community.

A Court has approved the lawsuit as a class action that includes anyone who attended at any Indian Residential School, for any times they attended as a “Day Scholar” (i.e. non-resident student), as well as their children and potentially the bands within communities that contained a Residential School. The Plaintiffs in the class action are suing the Government of Canada (“Canada”) claiming that it is responsible for damages arising from attendance at the Schools.

Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc, Sechelt First Nations and the Grand Council of the Crees are currently in Exploratory Discussions with Canada with the plan to obtain a settlement; this process could take one to four years to settle. Ttes , SFN and GCC goals are to achieve justice, reconciliation, and absolute wellness for our First Nations Day Scholars who attended a residential school. More importantly, our priorities are to restore, protect, and advance our sacred language, culture, heritage, and promote absolute healing to our nations.

Survivor Class Resolutions


  • Equal treatment with Residential students who received the Common Experience Payment
  • Seek to include all individuals who were alive as of May 30, 2005
  • No cap on settlement funds

Descendant Class Resolutions


  • Descendants in IRSSA were compensated by way of healing, commemoration, and ability to record stories in TRC
  • No individual compensation for residential students’ children
  • approach to resolution must avoid the litigation risks
  • Focus on wellness and regaining of culture and heritage for descendants
  • Focus on language restoration

Band Class Resolutions


  • Restoration and protection of  language and culture
  • Community wellness, including impacts on children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Day Scholars
  • Create a trust and use the interest to address issues as defined by the Bands
  • Treat each of 100 class members equally but address different populations as well

Ttes-SFN-JBC-Three Class Members

  • Survivors: people who attended a federally owned and operated residential school during the day and returned home every night.
  • Descendants: the children (son or daughter of the day scholar only) natural, legally adopted or traditionally adopted by ceremony
  • Band class: a band with a residential school on or near their lands, or that had day scholars.

The Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc, Sechelt First Nations and the James Bay Cree Certified Day Scholars are currently:

  • Involved in Exploratory Discussions with Canada
  • TteS, SFN &JBC will continue to move toward a negotiations process with Canada
  • AS to date we have not Settled the Day Scholar Certified Class Action therefore there are NO Benefits available to apply for right now.

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Justice for Day Scholars

Updates and Press Releases
Data Collection Form for Individuals
Survivor and Descendant Classes

To Anyone Who Attended an Indian Residential School or is the Child of Someone Who Did

Band Classes

To Any Aboriginal Band in Canada who had Band members attend an Indian Residential School and has or had an Indian Residential School on or proximate to Band lands or property

Opt-in deadline is February 29, 2016 and
Opt-out deadline is November 30, 2015
Day Scholar Forms (2016)

We continue to play a central role advocating for the full implementation of the rights for the Day Scholars who we left out of the IRSSA . It is of the utmost importance that our Day Scholars Executive attain the overarching principles of healing and reconciliation for our former Indian Residential School (IRS) Day Scholars .

Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc, Day Scholar Initiative Class Action continues to formulated ongoing strategies that will grant us a fair and just settlement on behalf of our Day Scholars, their descendants and our nations.

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Healing one heart, one mind, one body
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