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TteS Elder, Charlotte Manuel, celebrates 45 years of sobriety

Posted on: April 19, 2024

Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc Elder, Charlotte Manuel, is celebrating 45 years of sobriety!

This Saturday, April 20th, 2024, will mark 45 years of sobriety for Charlotte Manuel. April 20th is her Auntie’s birthday, who was one of Charlotte’s biggest supporters on her healing journey. “I quit on my Auntie’s birthday because I told her I would.”

Charlotte is a proud Grandma and Mother, she is the oldest of 18 siblings, and has so much gratitude for her family and friends.

Charlotte talks about her healing journey and relates so much of her process to the medicine wheel. She has worked on emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Charlotte describes herself as a “whole person”. She keeps busy with traditional crafting, beading, staying involved with her community and her children, keeping a healthy diet and exercise, and practicing Native spirituality. Charlotte said through her healing she re connected with Secwepemc culture, stories, song, dance, and tradition. She encourages her community to learn these ways.

Charlotte believes in the power of sharing. She says that being able to name her emotions and work through them is part of her growth.

Words of Wisdom from Elder Charlotte Manuel

“Ask you ancestors for guidance. Sing your songs. Learn about what you don’t know. Be willing to learn. Have courage to speak your truth. Be strong in what you believe in.”

“The power of love is very strong. It is important you share that with your children. You tell your children that you love them. I feel love from my children, aunties, brothers, and sisters and I share it back with them. You need to accept love into your life, don’t fight with it.”

“I love my sobriety. I love my life. I would not change it for anyone or anything. I wake up in the morning and I am thankful for another day of life.”

“Forgiveness is a gift from the creator, and it teaches you how to forgive yourself.”