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COVID-19 Update [video]

Posted on: August 21, 2021


From the Office of the Chief –

Today is Aug 20th and on behalf of Council, I wanted to provide you a COVID update.

The number of COVID cases around Kamloops have doubled in the last week to levels that we have not seen since Feb., and they have then on a constant rise since mid July.

By far, the greatest risk of infection is individuals who are not vaccinated.

The Delta virus is the virus that is circulating and is roughly twice as infectious as the earlier COVID 19 variants.  It is twice as transmissible and far more young people, low risk individuals and children can develop severe symptoms.

People who are not vaccinated are much more likely to catch the virus and will make others sick.

For fully vaccinated people, you still need to be vigilant, as you may also catch and spread the Delta variant.   Vaccinated people can still be asymptomatic and infect and transfer the virus to others.  You don’t want to me the reason a loved one, who may be high risk, becomes infected.

Wearing a mask can save someone else’s life!  Please to do your part against the spread of COVID.  We want to continue to keep ourselves, and our community as safe as possible around COVID.

If you plan on hitting the pow wow trail, or travelling outside the region, check the COVID travel restrictions before you go. Continue to protect our loved ones here.


Yecwests’utce – Look after yourselves

Kukpi7 Rosanne Casimir

On behalf of Council