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Congratulations to TteS Grads 2021

Posted on: June 19, 2021

From the Office of the Chief –

On behalf of Tk’emlúps Council, I would just like to say Yerí7 re sxexé7 (congrats) to all the TteS graduates of 2021.  We would like to pay tribute to your hard work and dedication that you have had to get you to this very important milestone – graduation.  Education is a priority for us at TteS and we have many k̓wséltkten who are celebrating with you! Yerí7 re stsweswísentlmen (I am proud of you “all”).

We consider education an investment into our future.  You are our future leaders, innovators, problem solvers and trendsetters.  We all encourage you to do your best, be your best and strive to make this world a better place for all of us.  We are counting on you.

You have already shown strength, resiliency, and the ability to be flexible by living through the COVID pandemic.  Challenges will always be there, so it is up to you how to face them and grow and learn from them.

We celebrate your successes and take pride in your accomplishments.  We also want to acknowledge all your family and mentors that have supported you through this process.  They may have coerced you to do your homework or took away your cell phone until your homework was done.  They believed in you, as do we. Xwexwéyt te k̓wséltkten wenecwem7úy tsweswísentlmen (your family is proud of you “all”).

We also acknowledge and celebrate the teachers that have influenced, inspired and supported you throughout the years.

As you move forward in life, we also want you to carry with great pride your identity as Tk’emlúpsemc.  Never forget your roots and the importance of culture, language, and traditions.  These values are what links generations to generations.   The recognition of the interconnectedness of all, and respect for our lands, water, medicines, plants, and each other, will help guide you towards a successful future.  Try to maintain balance in your life to create health and happiness.

Knowledge is power, and always be devoted to positive change and continue to inspire others to shape a better future for us all.

Always uphold your integrity and live your lives to the fullest.  Be true to yourself.

Here are the words I live by: “Know your Passion, Visualize your Plans, Collect your Resources, and always be Determined to Succeed!”  I practice those values in both my personal and professional life and share that with all of you as you continue with your academic paths.

We at TteS truly wish you so much success today and in the future!! Congratulations to all the Grads of 2021!! You did and Le7es ke7s w7ec wel me7 yews!!  ( we wish you the best forever/always!!)


TteS Post Secondary

Bennett, Cody Resort & Hotel Management Diploma and Events & Conventions Management Diploma
Campbell, Brett Bachelor of Natural Resource Science
Casimir, Essa Visual Arts Diploma
Casimir, Evan Bachelor of Arts
Gottfriedson, Karly Environmental Resources Tech. Dip. NVIT
Hall, Karisa Health Care Assistant Certificate
Kennedy, Joey Computer Information Tech Diploma
Manuel, Chance University Certificate in Marketing
Tronson, Janet Associate of Science Degree
Yvonne Fortier Foundations in Innovation and Technology


TteS High School Graduates

  • Oscar Bennett
  • Ethan Bottle
  • Apache Casimir
  • Skylah George
  • Madison George-Jules
  • Savanna Jules
  • Kiara Lampreau
  • Talon Manuel
  • Brian Mullins
  • Delwyn Neveu
  • Nolan Virgo
  • Aliza Wells
  • Kionna Wells

Congratulations to all the TteS Graduates of 2021!

Yours truly,
Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc
Kukpi7 Rosanne Casimir (Chief)
On behalf of Council