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Ceremonies and Events Postponed

Posted on: June 30, 2021

Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc Chief and Council have past a motion to postpone ceremonies and events surrounding Le Estcwéy̓ for the week of June 28 through July 5, 2021  due to the extreme heat wave and for the safety of all

If anyone wants to access TteS during any events between June 28th through July 5th it will be at their own risk!

As an unprecedented heat wave has hit Secwepemcúl̓ecw the threat of heat related illness and possible death are health risks that are real and pose a threat.

Municipalities and health authorities are warning to the dangerous risk of heat stress during this extreme heat wave, where record breaking temperatures continue.

We are concerned with individuals suffering from heat-related illness and those most at risk such as Elders, infants, people with heart problems and breathing difficulty as well as the risk to animals in this extreme heat.

Heat-related illness is caused when your body gains heat faster than it can cool itself down and includes symptoms such as heavy sweating, muscle cramps, dizziness and/or fainting, nausea and/or vomiting, fever, seizures, hallucinations, and unconsciousness/coma.

Our partners at Interior Health have released information to the public dually expressing these concerns and state that risks from extreme heat exceed risk from Covid-19.

This unprecedented heat wave leaves the region with the driest conditions ever noted. Wildfires are evident and the smoke from the fires burning close by is presenting harmful effects.

Please practice all protective guidelines of keeping yourself protected from exposure to the heat, keep hydrated, move around as little as possible and continue to check in on one another.

Be prepared for power outages, utility failures and vehicle problems – the heat presents havoc with all energized equipment where function is compromised.

For more information on how to best manage your health through this heat wave, please refer to and