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Employee Directory

Employee Directory

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kúkpi7 Rosanne Casimir
Primary Portfolio: External Affairs and Public Relations
Tel: 250.828.9760
Cell: 250.819.2255


Councillor Justin Gottfriedson
Primary Portfolio: Planning and Engineering

Tel: 250-828-9770 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or

Councillor Jeanette Jules
Primary Portfolio: T & R, Legal and Community Services

Tel: 250-828-9731 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or

Councillor Katy Gottfriedson
Primary Portfolio: Shared Services/Day Scholars

Tel: 250-828-9743 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or

Councillor Thomas Blank
Primary Portfolio: Natural Resources
Tel: 250-828-9702 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or

Councillor Marie Baptiste
Primary Portfolio: Housing
Tel: 250-828-9817 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or

Councillor Sonny Leonard
Primary Portfolio: Business Development 
Tel: 250-828-9820 or
Fax: 250-314-1591 or


Executive Assistant to Chief, CEO and CFO
Gina Taylor
Tel: 250-314-1584

Administration and Human Resources

Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc
200 – 330Chief Alex Thomas Way,
Kamloops BC, V2H 1H1
Fax: 250-372-8833

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Administration Staff:

Salvina Steel Human Resources Advisor 250-828-9837
Squwey Gottfriedsen Secretary to Chief and Council 250-314-1557
Gina Taylor Executive Secretary to Chief & Council 250-314-1584


Communications and Events Department

Lyle Paul
Communications and Events Coordinator 
Tel: 250-828-9736

Dolan Paul
Communications Advisor 
Tel: 250-828-9775

Day Scholars

Jeanette Jules
Councillor: Title and Rights, Legal (Day Scholars, DRI) Community Services
Cell: 250-319-1464

Selina August
6048852273 office
6047407641 cell
6048853490 fax
P.O. Box 740
Sechelt BC V0N3A3

Education Department

Shawna Seymour
Education Assistant
Phone: 250-828-9721


For more information contact:

Sharon Gottfriedson
Housing Manager
Tel: 250-828-9717 or
Fax: 250-828-9737

Housing Staff:

Joyce  Fraser Housing Assistant 250-828-9719
Janice Michel Housing Coordinator 250-828-9718
Sharla Berg Renovations Coordinator 250-828-9791
Hazel Quilt Filing Clerk 250-828-9742
Jesse Good Water-Paul Tenant Relations Officer 250-828-9742
Gavin Leonard Maintenance Officer 778-694-3517
Chris Rowe Housing Collections Officer 778-765-2195
TBD Filing Clerk 250-828-9822
Community Services

For more information contact:

Hilda Green 
Manager of Community Services 
Tel: 250-828-9706 or
Fax: 250-828-9714 or

Community Services Staff:

Anne Keith Sports, Recreation & Youth Coordinator 250-828-9801
Lisa Machell Band Social Development Worker – Backfill 250-314-1522
Rhoda Tom Family Support Worker 250-828-9812
Denise Thomas Indian Registry Administrator/Elder Worker 250-828-9814
Alexis Gosselin Family Support worker 250-828-9705
Anne Leonard Community Health Representative 250-828-9707
Dave Manuel Alcohol & Drug Counselor 250-828-9704
Myron Thomas  Essential Services Driver  250-819-0850
Wendy Tronson Homemaker
Barbara Jules  Homemaker
Full Circle Youth Centre Open Mon-Fri 3:30pm – 5:30pm  250-314-1798


Lands Leasing and Taxation

For more information contact:

Lands Leasing and Taxation:

Sidney Marchand  Reception/Secretary 250.828.9784


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