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Sports, Recreation & Youth

Youth, Sports and Recreation

The Youth, Sports and Recreation team oversee not only Recreation Policy payment/reimbursements, they also:

  • Organize day camps for TTES youth in the summer
  • Facilitate programming at the Full Circle Youth Centre on Kamloopa Way in Kamloops and the Youth Attendence program for TTES youth aged 10-18
  • Organize Pro-D day and after school programs for TTES youth
  • Arrange fitness classes for the TTES community such as Yoga, Bootcamp and Fit Nation
  • Host PAL courses to ensure TTES community members and their families know about firearm safety procedures
  • Liaise with organizations such as the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activities Partners Council, Pacific Sport, and the Kamloops Sports Council to ensure TTES band members have information and access to large scale sporting events and regional Sports and Recreation clubs

The enthusiastic team of Youth, Sports and Recreation workers constantly seek out new and innovative ways to increase TTES community access to healthy activities and information.

Downloadable Forms & Applications

If possible, please use the online form (below these links), rather than the PDF version.

2023 TteS Recreation Policy
Recreation Application Form (PDF Version)

If you have any questions or require more information about TTES Youth, Sports and Recreation programming, including the Full Circle Youth Centre, please contact:

Community Services