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Denise Thomas is the Indian Registry Administrator (IRA) Tk’emlups Te Secwépemc band. In accordance with Aboriginal Affairs policies and procedures:

  • TteS Community Services Membership Staff do not make decisions regarding Canadian Indian Status; however they will be happy to assist you to complete required documentation for you or your children,
  • Please remember to report major life events such as marriages, moves (address updates), divorce, death and births to the TteS Membership staff so they can update the membership lists.
  • Records life events which effect the Indian Register (e.g., birth, death, marriage, adoption, etc.) including Band lists
  • Obtains and examines supporting documentation and signatures for each event reported to ensure they adhere to policy
  • Issue Certificates of Indian Status (CIS/Status Cards) to registered Indians in accordance with AANDC policies and procedures.
  • Reviews applications and appropriate documentation for registration and forwards to the registration authority as required
  • Posts a copy of the Band Change Report (if applicable)
  • Maintains current Band List and accurate membership records.
  • Note any inconsistencies in the Band’s Indian Register and advise AANDC of any changes
  • Provides information to TteS band members and the general public about the application of the Indian Act and AANDC’s policies and procedures related to the application for Indian Status
  • Inform individuals of decisions made by the Indian Registrar concerning applications for Indian Status
  • Ensures the security of files and confidentiality of information about Band members.
  • Maintains reports and correspondence with TteS entities about membership program.
  • Prepares all necessary documentation for General Band Meetings, including updated voting list.

To make an appointment for a status card or to obtain information regarding TTES Band Membership, please contact:

Denise Thomas
(250) 828-9814


Paula Pellett

For more information regarding Indian Status in Canada please visit the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website:

For information regarding eligibility under Bill C-3, the Gender Equity Act, please visit: