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Lexéy’em: Opening of C7i7elcmenten re Stsillen

Posted on: June 17, 2024


C7i7elcmenten re Stsillen group

On Friday June 14 TteS Community Services hosted the official opening of C7i7elcmenten re Stsillen (a Place To Share Food). This event brought together community members to celebrate and uphold the traditional Secwepemc values of generosity and sharing.

The event began with a moving prayer by Elder Charlotte Manuel, setting a respectful and spiritual tone for the day. Following the prayer, Manager Priscilla Johnstone and I had the honor of delivering a few opening remarks. Community Services manager Priscilla Johnstone speaks We were joined by community member Vicki Manuel, who shared the significance of generosity in Secwepemc culture, emphasizing the importance of sharing food and resources with our people.

After the opening remarks, attendees enjoyed a delicious BBQ, followed by a beautifully decorated cake. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, conversation, and a true sense of togetherness.

The celebration concluded with draws for some wonderful door prizes, adding an element of excitement and fun to the event. The joy on the faces of the winners was a testament to the community spirit of the day.

Youth workers Myron and Wyatt carry food boxes

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Community Services staff for their hard work and dedication in hosting this wonderful event. It was inspiring to see the team come together, demonstrating a shared commitment to making tC7i7elcmenten re Stsillen a huge success.

Here’s to many more gatherings at C7i7elcmenten re Stsillen, where we will continue to share food, stories, and our enduring spirit of generosity.


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Community Services, Le Estcwicwéy̓

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Education/Language & Culture/Sk’elep

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Natural Resources/ Rights & Title

This is the second time Dave has been blessed to service and support the people of Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc as Tkwenem7iple (Band Councillor). The first time on Band Council was 2006- 2009. Husband to Joyce Susan Fraser and very proud father of 3 children, Sherman Manuel, Nikki Fraser and Satinka Manuel.